-er [ər]
1. [ME -er(e) < OE -ere < WGmc * -arj, *-ārj < or akin to, and reinforced by, L -arius, -arium, agentive suffixes (Anglo-Fr -er, -ier), L -ar (OFr -er), L -atur (OFr -ëure), L -atorium (OFr -ëor, Fr -oir), L -ator (OFr -ëor)] forming nouns
a) a person having to do with, esp. as an occupation or profession: added to nouns [hatter, geographer]: see also -IER, -YER
b) a person native to or living in: added to place names and nouns [New Yorker, cottager]
c) a thing or action connected with: added to nouns, noun compounds, and noun phrases
d) a person or thing that ____s: added to verbs [roller]: see also -AR, -OR
2. [ME -re, -er < OE -ra] forming the comparative degree of many adjectives and adverbs [later, greater]
3. [ME < Anglo-Fr inf. suffix] the action of ____ing: added to verb bases in legal language [demurrer, repleader]
4. [ME -ren, -rien < OE -rian, freq. suffix] repeatedly: added to verbs and verb bases [flicker, patter]

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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